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Project Team

Many operations in Congo fail because the simplest resources and equipment are not available.
Even small interventions don´t take place through a lack of surgical screws. All of these operations are improving the life quality of the people in Goma and give new hope to a normal and painless life.

As a part of our 4th semester at the Hochschule Furtwangen University, we have the project "Screws for Kongo" to counteract the suffering. All of us, including our french guest student, are studying industrial engineering. To help the people who have to work hard for such an operation we consciously choose this project.

Cooperation with ULPGL

In order to be constantly supplied with the latest information from Goma, the project group "Project 0" has already contacted the University of ULPGL in Goma.
A regular e-mail exchange and the visit of the director of the ULPGL, Prof. Molo were the result.

Current Project target

We are working together with some students from the University in Goma so we constantly receive new information, pictures and videos from the Hospital and the surrounding area. The students in Goma accompany the people who can be helped by your donation.